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Escape Room Entertainment

So what’s an Escape Room??

An Escape Room is a form of entertainment that involves creativity, problem-solving and teamwork to “escape” from a locked room. We’ll “lock” you in a themed room of your choice and you’ll have one hour to solve puzzles and find codes in order to escape. We have several rooms to choose from, as well as a game room for parties and team-building events. Unplug from your devices and spend quality time with family and friends!

Buy tickets online or Call now to Reserve your spot! Walk-ins are also welcome, but are subject to availability.


Sunday-Thursday is Happy Hour: $20/person Regardless of Group Size.

Fri-Sat: $22/person, or Groups with 6 or more are $20/person.

Kids 6 & Under are always Free with a Paid Adult! Also, ask about our Teacher and Military Discounts with a Valid ID!

IMPORTANT: Appointments Tuesday-Friday Before 4:30pm are by Phone Reservation Only with at least 24 hours notice. These appointments are great for holiday, birthday or corporate parties!




550 24th Ave NW, Suite C, Norman, OK 73069

On 24th NW Ave, Between Robinson and Main, Right Next to the Sooner Bowling Alley

Contact Info

(405) 310-5222

hours of operation

Monday - Closed

Tuesday-Thursday 4:30PM - 7:30PM

Friday 4:30PM - 10PM

Saturday 12PM - 10PM

Sunday 12PM - 7:30PM


Houdini’s lounge—2 to 10 person, Level: Hard

best For: teens, families, adults

While touring the late, great escape artist Harry Houdini’s house which recently went up for sale in Harlem, you happen upon a mysterious doorway in the back of the house. Upon entering, the door locks behind you and you become trapped inside his private lounge. Can you escape Houdini’s tricks or will you be stuck inside the Escape Artist’s house forever??

Bermuda triangle—2 to 6 person, Level: medium

best for: youth, teens, families, adults

During your ship’s discovery expedition off the North American coast, a sudden, severe storm forces your crew into the Bermuda Triangle. Your ship goes into distress and begins to take on water. Can you find the correct coordinates to escape or will your crew become a part of the dreaded Triangle’s haunted history??

Alien access—2 to 6 person, level: Medium/hard

best for: youth, teens, families, adults

While working in a secret research facility doing data entry, you find yourself bored and curious. You decide to roam about the facility to find out what’s being kept so secret. After finding an unattended, restricted room with an alien life-form inside, you enter only to get locked in! Can you figure out the access code to the door before the alien’s sedative wears off??

insane asylum—2 to 8 person, Level: medium/hard

best For: teens, families, adults

While standing trial as a witness to a crime committed, you and your known associates are framed for the crime. After being wrongfully accused, deemed dangerous and highly irrational, you find yourself committed to the town’s mental institution. Can you escape your cell before being tortured or will you become another test subject in the asylum’s sick games??

detective’s office—2 to 5 person, Level: hard

best for: teens, adults

As the detective assigned to a mysterious criminal case, you begin to notice that other recent crimes around town share too many characteristics to be coincidental. Upon noticing a specific trend within the recent crimes you realize the next big one should be happening within the hour. Can you connect the clues to reveal who the suspect is or where the next assault may take place before it’s too late??

JUManji escape—coming soon!! 2-6 person

best for: Youth, Teens, Families, adults

Our Two-Part room featuring half Mansion/half Jungle…After playing an innocent board game with friends, you become sucked into the game’s reality only to realize you’ve brought deadly creatures to life! Can you escape the grasps of Jumanji before it consumes you??

psycho circus—coming soon!! 2-4 person

best for: youth, teens, families, adults

You sneak into a Clown’s Dressing Room at the circus and become locked inside. You quickly realize just how psychotic this clown is and you must escape before he returns. Can you get out in time or will you become part of his twisted circus act?

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